[ E-M5 Mark II ]

[ Precautions when updating firmware ]

When you update your firmware to version 4.1, camera settings are reset.

(Jan. 24 2019)
  • Wireless radiowave commander FC-WR is now supported.
  • Stability of operation when using SD card (UHS-II) has been improved.
(Feb. 28 2018)
  • New art filter [Bleach Bypass] has been added.
  • Focus Stacking has been added. ("M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-100mm F4.0 IS PRO" is also compatible.)
  • Corrected issue of autofocus (AF) function not operating correctly when using the "LEICA DG ELMARIT 200mm F2.8 / POWER O.I.S. (H-ES200)" interchangeable lens produced by Panasonic.
(May. 08 2017)
  • Flash controllers manufactured by Profoto are supported.
  • Backup of camera settings is possible.
  • Compensation for mid-range gradation when using Highlight & Shadow Control is possible.
  • Position of AF target and range of spot metering can be linked.
(Dec. 01 2016)
  • Macro Flash STF-8 is supported.
  • Electronic Flash FL-900R is supported.
  • Improved stability of exposure when shooting videos.
(Feb. 04 2016)
  • The stability of the image stabilizer’s operations has been improved.
(Dec. 03 2015)
  • This firmware update resolves the following issues that may occur in firmware version 2.0:
    • *When recording movies using the OLYMPUS Capture version 1.1, the Touch AF display on the OLYMPUS Capture cannot be cancelled.
    • *When an electronic zoom lens is in use, the zoom does not automatically adjust to the wide-angle position even if the monitor is tilted to the self-portrait position.
(Nov. 26 2015)

New functions, 5 items

  • Focus bracketing is now possible.
  • Simulated Optical Viewfinder was added.
    • *Setting is possible when the mode dial is P/A/S/M.
    • *Shooting settings are not reflected in the EVF display.
  • 4K was added to Time Lapse Movie for Time lapse shooting.
  • Supports synchronization of start and stop of movie sound recording when using linear PCM recorder LS-100.
    • *Supports Olympus's linear PCM recorder LS-100.
  • Slate Tone generation function was added.
    • *Supports Olympus's linear PCM recorder LS-100.

Major improvements to operability, 7 items

  • Movie picture mode Flat was added.
  • Movie setting function was added.
    • Movie Noise Filter
    • Movie picture mode
  • MF clutch/Snapshot Focus can be disabled.
    • *Please also update supported lenses to the latest firmware.
  • Expand LV Dyn. Range was changed to S-OVF.
  • S-OVF was added to button functions.
  • S-OVF was added to Multi Function.
  • Supports Windows 10.

Supports OI.Share, 1 item

  • Supports OI.Share Ver.2.6.
    • * Live composite shooting with O.I.Share is now possible.

Supports OLYMPUS Capture, 1 item

  • Supports OLYMPUS Capture Ver.1.1.
(Jun. 16 2015)
  • The "Underwater" function was added to Picture Mode.
    • * We recommend setting Custom Menu G/icon + WB to OFF.
(Apr. 16 2015)
  • Function has been modified so that audio can be faded out of movie files created with My Clips editing.
  • Speed at which information is displayed when the camera is turned on has been improved.
  • The issue of noise appearing in images captured while shooting with High Res Shot has been corrected.